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Emy J's Coffeehouse

Monday - Saturday: 7:00AM to 9:00PM

Sunday: 9:00AM to 8:00PM



We serve the best roasted on site Fair Trade/Organic Coffee, Rishi Tea, Awesome Lattes and Cappuccino's along with 16 flavors of hard scooped Ice Cream and made from scratch Fresh Fruit Smoothies


We roast beans weekly for in house use and our wholesale accounts. We would also be glad to send some your way.


We roast Fair Trade or Organic Certified coffees. All coffees are imported by Cafe Imports from St. Paul Minnesota and then purchased by us.

Their Mission Statement reflects our same principles:

Increase the quality of life for those involved—from tree to cup—through the commerce of coffee. Decrease our negative impact on the earth through responsible and proactive business practices. Share our passion for great coffee through education and example.

We also purchase directly from a coffee farm in Hawaii.

Stop and think before you buy and buy from an Independently Owned Roaster.


Coffee Origins and Descriptions

    • Brazil: Just like any Latin American coffee, Brazil coffees are known for great balance, medium body and clean finish.
    • Columbian: Colombian coffees are well balanced, medium bodied and bright. A good coffee for any time of the day.
    • Costa Rica: A certified Organic coffee that has a fine acidity, smooth body, and a sweet subtle spicy profile.
    • Ethiopian Harrar: The Harrar region is known for its winey, full and rich flavor. The resulting brew has a heavy body and great taste.
    • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee and it has produced varied distinct gourmet coffee beans in its region. Yirgacheffe coffee is among the best African coffees with its soft fragrant, flowery hint with a finish that lingers in your memory.
    • Hawaiian Kona: Hawaiian Kona ranks among the rarest coffees in the world; it has unique hints of cinnamon and clove and a richness of butter. This coffee is elegantly refined, with smooth body and superb aroma. We source this directly from a small farm in Hawaii.
    • Guatemala: A wonderful bright coffee with nice body, floral tones and fruitiness.
    • Mexican Chiapas:Grown at high altitudes near Altura, and near the city of Tapachula, we roast Mexcio Chiapas like a good light white wine – delicate in body, with a pleasant finishing dryness. Rich in flavor with premium sweetness.
    • Peru: Bright snap, gentle sweetness, and nice medium body.
    • Rwanda: Known as the *land of a thousand hills*, Rwanda produces the world’s finest coffee. These coffee beans have a rich color and deliciously refreshing aroma.
    • Sumatra: Earthy, deep, complex, full-bodied



  • House Blend: House Blend is a satisfying blend of three origin coffees. Deep, rich and full-bodied.
  • Espresso blend: Specially roasted to create a rich and sweet espresso.
  • Downtown Blend: A blend to honor all the downtowns that keep our cities thriving. Indoniesian and Latin American blend.
  • French Roast: An intense bold coffee with pronounced smoky overtones and full flavored.
  • Roasters Blend: Full bodied, smooth and full of wonderful natural flavors.
  • Day and Night; A medium roast blended with a dark roast. Great flavor and intensity.
  • For the Birds: A blend of our Bird Friendly coffees. Sweet, bright and well balanced.
  • African Journey: Our three African Coffees blended to create a wonderful journey.